What are the details?

What is a Work in Progress?

Work in Progress is another professional performance experience for our dancers, the students will present to you their classwork in the form of a choreographed routine.

What is the aim of Work in Progress?

We find that the dancers thrive when working towards a Showcase, they memorise their routines brilliantly. We often struggle to get the dancers to remember their syllabus and class work and so we hope that by working towards an onstage performance of their syllabus and classwork then this will help fortify the choreography in their mind.


The aim of WIP is to encourage our dancers to go beyond the studio with their syllabus and classwork, to give them a sense of where their in-studio training leads them, alongside working on and developing their performance skills which in turn will enable them to give a confident and secure performance when taking their examinations and class awards.

Will this be similar to the SGDA Showcases?

The dancers will be performing at The Brindley Theatre, yes, however this performance won't involve fancy lighting or glittery costumes, the focus is solely on the dancers and their dance work.

If there are no costumes involved what will my child wear on stage?

The dancers will be wearing their usual class uniform on stage.

Is there a participation fee involved for the dancers?

The dancers who choose to take part will have a fee of £10, this helps to cover the cost of the full cast rehearsal and the participation medal that the dancers will receive after the WIP performance.


You will need to register your dancer via the link below:


Participation only: https://sgda.class4kids.co.uk/camp/33

Participation & WIP T-Shirt: https://sgda.class4kids.co.uk/camp/34

How many performances will the dancers be doing?

Our dancers will be doing two performances.

Do I need to book a ticket to watch my child?

Yes, tickets can be booked from the Theatre Box Office from January 2023 they will be on-sale at £12.55 per ticket. There is no limit to how many tickets can be booked for each dancer's audience.

Will chaperones be required backstage?

Yes, we will have exactly the same backstage set-up as we did for our Reignite Showcase. If you would like to help backstage you will need to apply for a Chaperone's License with your local council, the council charge £9 for this licensing service which will be at the cost of the volunteer. If you would like to apply for a Chaperone's license please send an email to admin@sgda.org.uk and we can point you in the right direction. 

Once you have a chaperones license it is valid for three years with most councils,  so if you already have a chaperone's license and would like to be involved please make this known via the SGDA Chaperone Facebook Group.

Will there be a dress rehearsal beforehand? 

Yes, there will be a full-cast rehearsal in Chester on: Sunday 26th March, 2023

Performance Date: Saturday, 22nd April 2023

Performance Time: Matinée and Evening timings tbc

Venue:  The Brindley Theatre, Runcorn, WA7 1BG